Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday is On at 4:30 and 5:30

Does it make sense to you that Crossfit Everett would close due to weather? Taxi's, bicycle's, skis, skates, hoof it, sled dogs (not sure I could find one)...... and many other ways. It is a matter of "want to" not "can".

This sort of weather is the thing Crossfitters are prepared for! If you need to use your Crossfit-ness today....think about shoveling Grannies sidewalk, hauling a sick friends firewood, helping a stranded driver, making your wife and kids hot cocoa or snowballing the neighborhood 6th graders. Be careful, useful and have fun.

So, barring the San Andreas fault working some serious catastrophe on Everett, a global flood or The Office re-runs at 4:30 Monday instead of 9p Thursday.......we will be open for 4:30p and 5:30p workouts. See you then.

Prepare yourself.

The top photo is a glimpse at Crossfit Everett's roots for the last two years. We know how to make it work in small spaces. The lower video proves Crossfitter are not simply hard men during the WOD...they are major studs at making music. Talk about well rounded! Don't look for guitar or drum lessons to be a part of our evening classes just yet. Anyone read poetry or do sidewalk painting?


Andy said...

Two things: One, I was watching a video of Connor (the teenager) doing squats and he got called out for not coming all the way up to full extension and started again. When he came all the way up I realized that what makes my knees hurt is the speed at which I was opening them at the end, there is a definate pause at the top when he does it, I looked at a couple others and they all do it. Please feel free to point out my improper movement again the next time you see it. Two, there is a pretty good post in the Affiliate blog about dealing with people with negative attitudes, I thought that the discussion was actually pretty good on the part of many of the affiliates. I particularly liked the guy that has a Burpee Board, I thought some of his infractions were a bit lame, like being late, there could be a good reason, but the punishment for those was pretty light, 5 burpees or so.

Andy said...

Hey, you turned off the moderator thing, now I can say whatever I want without fear of being censored???? In that case....

Andy said...

You know, one of the side effects of Crossfit is that you start thinking in terms of measurable performance units, time, rounds, number of posts on the gyms blog... I think I can be the first one to 100 posts.